Do you have a travel project in India? This beautiful destination, between Rajasthan, Kerala, Ganges Valley, Ladhak, Delhi ... has something to be acclaimed. The discovery of the country of Gandhi is also a special stage in the life of a traveler, who tends to disorient. At the level of culture, lifestyle, poverty, heat, noise, and all its contrasts in a general way. It's decided, your next trip will be in this spectacular country of Asia? I give you in this article some advice regarding the general formalities, especially related to the visa application for India if the cheap last minute flights from chicago to new delhi

Travel to India: what formalities to go to this country?

For French, Belgian, Swiss and Canadian nationals, it is necessary to have a passport and a visa.

More in detail :

  1. Passport. It must be valid at least 6 months after the date of return. It must remain 3 consecutive blank pages.
  2. Visa.
    • The visa application must be made to his country of origin. The visa must be requested and obtained before arriving in the territory.It is also possible to request in some cases the issuance of the e-Tourist Visa, through the official website indian This e-Tourist Visa is however restricted both in terms of access areas in India and the length of stay on site, find out well upstream to find out if this visa corresponds to your travel project.


Visa for India: how to do it?

It is first possible to apply for a regular visa by mail or directly in one of the VFS centers (in this second case, fill in the pre- registration form on the internet beforehand).

The process can also be done through a visa agency, such as Visa India. It is a simple solution to obtain a visa for India . The request is easy to validate, and it allows to be well accompanied. The price is usually a little higher than when the request is directly made to the official body (because the site provides a service!).

To validate your application with a visa agency, here's how:

1 / Fill in all the requested information (name, address, passport number ...).

2 / Provide the necessary documents (digitization of the first page of the passport, digital photography ...).

3 / Pay online visa fees, validate the application, and then wait for the receipt of the visa.

4 / Print the visa, and present it at the airport of arrival. It will also show his passport, a photo ID to Indian standards, a round trip ticket.

 Visa for India: how long?

How long does it take to wait after validating your request? It is necessary to envisage minimum 15 days for the reception of its visa by email when the request has been made by Internet on the official site VFS. Allow 10 additional days if the request was made by mail. As for the e-Tourist Visa, it is issued in a few days, the ideal is to make the request minimum 10 days in advance.

How long is the visa in India valid? Travelers get the regular visa for a period of 6 months. This period starts from the date on which the visa is validated (and not the entry into the territory). It allows to stay maximum 90 consecutive days on the territory. As for the e-Tourist Visa, it is issued for a maximum of 60 days, from the date of arrival in India (please check beforehand because this e-Tourist Visa does not allow access to certain areas of the 'India).

Entry and visa formalities are subject to change, consult an official website updated (VFS) to ensure these entry conditions.

To know the price of a visa for India, you can consult the post of this forum , which incorporates many different feedbacks.

And if by chance, you have the opportunity to visit India during the Holi



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